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is it a goodbye to democracy in the hindu kush

Is it a Goodbye to democracy in the Hindu Kush?

The agreement between the USA and the Taliban is in place. The West is leaving and leaving Afghanistan in an uncertain future. For many Afghans, peace...
cesar anti polanski demonstration before a ceremony under tension

Cesar: anti-Polanski demonstration before a ceremony under Tension

A few hundred demonstrators protested Friday evening against the twelve nominations of the film "J'accuse" by Roman Polanski, targeted by a new rape accusation,...
Under pressure Polanski gives up on going to the Cesars e1582829739339

Under pressure, Polanski gives up on going to the Cesars

The decision seemed inevitable: Roman Polanski, who has been the subject of a new rape accusation since November, announced that he would not attend...
USA ELECTION SANDERS San2520Antonio e1582682815335

Democratic primaries: haro on the “radical” Bernie Sanders

Now a favorite for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders will be the target of his competitors during the televised debate Tuesday evening in South...

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