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What is Doomscrolling and how to break the cycle

What exactly is doomscrolling? If you've spent this lockdown period reading about the surge of Covid cases, you've probably heard about it. But in...
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Facebook’s new idea for children is terrible

Facebook is planning an Instagram for kids under the age of 13. The target group is on the "priority list for the first half...

Nutrition and a healthy brain

The human brain is an amazing organ, it has over a hundred billion neurons which are interconnected in a complex way through trillions of synapses....
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Hurricane Delta will wreak havoc in Mexico and then head for the United States

Hurricane Delta is now heading for the coast of Mexico and will make landfall in the United States later this week. Delta is a...
Head full of health and vitamins: Cabbage has a preventive effect against cancer

Cabbage has a preventive effect against cancer – full of health and vitamins

Cabbage is a very effective and affordable remedy for many ailments. Cabbage contains as much as 42 mg of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic...
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Emotional and mental health issues concern for Indian denizens during Covid-19 outbreak

The current spate of the Covid-19 outbreak is having a telling on the emotional and mental health of the majority of the Indian populace,...
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Sapna Choudhary: “Big Boss is a VIP Jail”, “Nepotism is curse to the industry”

Sapna Choudhary, an alluring Haryanvi dance performer, known for her stage performances, began her journey from Ragini dance Orchestra facing hurdles to nationwide acknowledgment...
the eastern herald genderwise suicide deaths in India

Why Creating Awareness and Prevention of Suicide is Indispensable for the Nation?

‘Suicide is considered more as a sociological phenomenon involving fundamental character-building institutions like family, education, religion, politics, law, and governance, playing as a catalyst...
EU expects unprecedented economic recession

EU expects unprecedented economic recession

The European Commission in 2020 expects the eurozone GDP to fall by a record 7.7%, according to a spring forecast presented in Brussels on...
India : Challenges and Issues for Special Needs Children

India : Overcoming obstacles of special needs children and Indian government policies

Before the world can change its perception of 'special needs', one needs to understand what the term means and how children with special needs...

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