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Political Islam movements… an influential presence despite the failures

The issue of the transition of political Islam movements from the organizational state to the authoritarian state has been a matter of controversy in...
Lukashenko sign a decree on the protection of the constitutional order of Belarus

Lukashenko sign a decree on the protection of the constitutional order of Belarus

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree according to which, in the event of the death of the head of state, power in the...

Belarusian security forces begin to detain protesters in Minsk

The security forces dispersed a column of protesters in Minsk. In the afternoon, a column of protesters formed in the Hrushevka microdistrict, who walked through...
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Federal troops take rebel capital in Ethiopia after a tough struggle

Ethiopian authorities announced the capture of the capital of the breakaway state of Tigray. According to the Prime Minister of the country, the army...
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Lukashenko threatens Minsk to become a cemetery

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko criticized the spontaneous memorials that the protesters arrange in the courtyards of the country's capital Minsk. “They see that nothing...
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The mayor of Minsk explained the shutdown of water during the protests

The mayor of Minsk Vladimir Kukharev said that the cutoff of water and heat in the Novaya Borovaya microdistrict, which is known for protest...
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In Chile they burn two churches and looted businesses a year after the social...

The image of the fire with total destruction of the Church of the Assumption, a few meters from the emblematic Plaza Italia. in the...
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Protests in Belarus on October 11 against the fascist regime of Lukashenko

On Sunday, October 11, the opposition March of Pride was held in Belarus. Its participants protested against the falsification of the presidential elections and...
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Kim cried, apologized and showed new weapons

Kim Jong Un, North Korea's dictator, wept and apologized for the hardships his people have had to go through in the past. He said...
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EU confirms readiness to impose sanctions against Lukashenko

The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on the events in Belarus, which confirm the EU's readiness to introduce sanctions against...

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