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In Jujuy, Argentina, forest fires have already devastated more than 11 thousand hectares

The fire does not give truce in the Yungas of Jujuy. Sunday marked a month since the fire started, although on Friday the outlook...
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Ritesh Tandon & Rishi Kumar: OFBJP’s Candidates in California

Two US congressional candidates in California’s San Francisco Bay Area — Republican Ritesh Tandon and Democrat Rishi Kumar — exemplify the pragmatically transpartisan attitude...
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Russians invested GBP 1 billion in luxury real estate UK during nineties

As anti-corruption organizations have been doing for years, a British parliamentary report issued this week denounced London's complacency about Russian fortunes, whose sources are...
COVID-19: Reinventing the Indian CSR landscape?

India: Reinventing the Indian CSR landscape during COVID crisis

COVID-19, a term which was a mere medical acronym prior to December 2019, has now so fundamentally altered the lives of people, economies and...

Kenya : she was boiling rocks to make her children think they were going...

The Kenyan population has been moved by the image of a widow who lives in extreme poverty and reached such a difficult situation that...
World : Czech Republic removes restrictions amid COVID

World : Czech Republic removes restrictions amid COVID

The Czech government has been around for weeks Exit restrictions surprisingly lifted. This will apply from Friday, said Health Minister Adam Vojtech late Thursday...
99-year-old Briton collects millions of donations -  TEH

99-year-old Briton collects millions of donations

Marston Moretaine - Shortly before his 100th birthday, the British war veteran Tom Moore won a very special fight: The Brit, who was operated...

Frodeno starts its Tri @ home with a donation of 10,000 euros

Girona - The three-time Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno wants to start his triathlon in his own four walls for a good cause with...

Easter takes place – just different

RHEINGAU - video devotions, church services online, celebrating dinner together at home, Easter candles that are put on the doorstep, cards, greetings and impulses:...

NFL makes draft date official and wants to collect donations

New York - The NFL has now officially decided on a kind of home office draft and would like to use the three-day event...

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