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Global potable water problems

Of course, water is needed for everyone’s life in the world – be it a member of Homo sapiens or any other species. Without...
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The Zelensky administration named a way to return Crimea to Ukraine

In order for Ukraine to return Crimea, it is first necessary to "return" the sympathy of the people living in the republic. Serhiy Kunitsyn,...
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Francisco asked to react urgently to climate change

Pope Francis asked "to react urgently" to climate change and called for caring for the environment with education for the care of the Earth...
Egypt: Ramadan in the corona crisis but charity at a distance

Egypt: Ramadan in the corona crisis but ‘charity at a distance’

For many Muslims, Ramadan is a time of renunciation and mercy, but also of praying and eating together. In the Corona crisis, however, the...

Rising corona numbers in Worms and communities

WORMS - There are five new confirmed corona cases in Worms. This was announced by the Alzey-Worms health department on Wednesday. This means that...