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Returning to the Iranian nuclear agreement.. Washington prefers the diplomatic option, and Jerusalem agrees...

The US administration has said that President Joe Biden still believes that a diplomatic path to return to the Iran nuclear deal is the...
AUSTRIA-EU-CHINA-IRAN-NUCLEAR-DIPLOMACY-A sixth round and an "out of reach" agreement... Cautious optimism as the Iranian nuclear talks resume

A sixth round and an “out of reach” agreement… Cautious optimism as the Iranian...

Iran and the United States have made progress on nearly every issue under discussion in their indirect talks over the past two months on...
The United Nations warns of a "civil war" and a "bloodbath" in Myanmar

Myanmar: The people who are on the streets deserve the world’s full support

The future of Myanmar depends on the momentum of its people and the international community, which can exert pressure on the military for a...
Trump administration prepares to designate the Houthis a "terrorist organization"

Report – Trump administration prepares to designate the Houthis a “terrorist organization”

Foreign Policy magazine, citing “diplomatic sources,” said that the administration of US President Donald Trump “is preparing to classify the Houthi group (Ansar Allah)...
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US Election Have Same Important for Iranians Compared to Americans

The 2020 United States presidential election will have a direct relationship to Iran's economic situation in the future. Iranians have disappointed to solve problems...

US Presidential Election – Why Middle East Leaders Anxiously Await US Election Conclusion

World leaders closely watch the US presidential election, because soon the world will know who will become the new leader of America. Middle Easterners...
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Turkey finds new gas reserves, how this influences the Geo-Politics of the Black Sea

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Turkey's recent discovery of additional natural gas reserves in the Black Sea. This development shows that...
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US State Department expands sanctions against Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The U.S. Department of State has expanded sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline... The measures are aimed at preventing the completion...
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The UN approves the resolution that condemns human rights violations in Venezuela

Argentina and one vast majority of countries vote today in the United Nations Human Rights Council a statement where it alerts about the serious...
Russia may impose sanctions against Turkey over Karabakh issue

Russia may impose sanctions against Turkey over Karabakh issue

"It is absolutely inappropriate to believe that everything will be resolved immediately by itself." Ankara continues to resolutely and toughly support Azerbaijan during the aggravation...

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