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Pandemic has exposed India’s disease of inequality

The Coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the world for nearly two years and shows no signs of abating is no longer merely a...
climate change hare and tortoise disaster

Educate, Innovate, and Inspire to reduce Carbon Footprints are core values of ICCE India

On July 15th, India and the EU adopted a joint declaration on moving towards a more circular economic model. The president of EU and...
Agriculture Market and Economy in India

How COVID-19 impacts the Rural Economy of India

The journey of COVID-19 starts from the end of December 2019, but in India, it came from March 2020 in a significant way. The...

The Humanity’s Home that once India was!

What happens when a Standard falls apart? The immediate fall out is that the conceived realities become fickle fictions and an ideological perception change occurs....

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