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Liberals Lose Because Of Their Hypocrisy, Not Because Of Their Beliefs

β€œIt is often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it.” – Adlai E Stevenson II, Candidate for President of...
Russian fighters intercept US bombers

Russian fighters intercept US bombers

Fighters of the Aerospace Forces of Russia were escorted by B-1B Lancer bombers of the US Air Force. This was reported by the press...
Egypt: Al-Azhar is angry upon new development in the "fugitive imam" case. Corona, Coronavirus, Egypt, Eid, Eid al-Fitr, Epidemic, Imam, Mosque, Police, Prayer, Public transport, Virus, Worship,

Egypt: Al-Azhar is angry upon new development in the “fugitive imam” case

The issue of what became known as the "fleeing imam" in Egypt continues to interact after a video of him fleeing as he fled...
assaulted worshipers in front of the tribe

The Israeli forces assaulted worshipers in front of the tribes’ door to prevent them...

Morning, Sunday, the Israeli forces beat the worshipers in front of the tribes' door outside the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, after attempts to prevent them...
Erdogan mistake on Twitter

Turkish Presidency makes a mistake while tweeting and tweet goes viral

The Turkish presidency made a big mistake on its official page on Twitter, after publishing a tweet regarding the imposition of curfews in the...

Zelensky decides to make Muslim holidays state in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decided to make the two main holidays of the Islamic religion - Kurban Bayram(Eid al-Adha) and Uraza Bayram(Eid al-Fitr)...

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