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Germany farmer protest in Berlin

Tractors in central Berlin – Farmers protest the adoption of new regulations

A group of German farmers drove tractors through the center of Berlin today, protesting against the adoption of new regulations, which they say will...
abloom ocean in its affirmative decade

Abloom Ocean in its Affirmed Decade

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in its 72nd session affirmed the “United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development” for the 10-year period...
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Regular manned space flight by SpaceX, a private company begins

Four astronauts were the first passengers when regular manned missions by the space shuttle private company SpaceX began last night. This was the second...
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What could COVID mean for the social fabric of India?

There has been an understandable desire to identify the result of these Covid-19 dark moments in global history when much of the world has...
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Trump’s Failures and why Americans should vote out Trump?

America, which chose Donald Trump as president in 2016, has become miserable and divided. Now that Trump is asking Americans to re-elect him again...
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Air flights over Crimea – USA allows its airlines to fly in the Simferopol...

From October 27, the airlines of the United States of America will resume flights in "certain areas" of the airspace of the occupied Simferopol....
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A fire affected more than 130 hectares of the Calilegua National Park

Brigadistas de Jujuy, with the help of a hydrant plane sent by the National Government, worked this Friday to contain an active fire source...
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Francisco asked to react urgently to climate change

Pope Francis asked "to react urgently" to climate change and called for caring for the environment with education for the care of the Earth...

The hole in the ozone layer is the largest in the last decade

The hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is one of the largest and deepest in the last 15 years, according to the World...
The Scholarly Princes ... an Egyptian Sultan invents the ballpoint pen and another Yemeni who is writing in medicine and a king classifies the first encyclopedia worth millions of dollars

The Scholarly Princes … an Egyptian Sultan invents the ballpoint pen and another Yemeni...

Information and biographies of leaders and leaders are of public interest and are closely related to the nature of regimes and their policies Today, we...

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