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Afghanistan.. From Pashtuns to Hazaras.. Afghan ethnicities at the heart of politics and conflict

The Taliban is trying to convince the population that it has changed its approach, asserting that its policy will be less strict than its...
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Sedition acts and their relevance

Of course, sedition or the crime that consists of any attempt short of treason to excite hostility against the government — or more commonly,...
Uyghur Muslims file case against chinese communits party in international criminal court crime against humanity. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Uyghur Muslims finally dragged Chinese Communist Party to ICC for their crimes against humanity

A group of Uyghur Muslims residing outside China has filed a complaint against China with the International Criminal Court, to investigate crimes against humanity...
Pardon me! May I correct you? Confronting microaggression in everyday life

Pardon me! May I correct you? Confronting microaggression in everyday life

Ever thought why you are inclined towards watching stand -up comedy and enjoy when they sarcastically ridicule reality you live...

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