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Religious harmony – how far is it?

In September 2020, Charlie Hebdo, a French Magazine, published a cartoon caricature on Prophet Muhammad (Sm) that expectedly caused immediate protests across countries. Of...
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The Vatican beatified Carlo Acutis, the first adolescent influencer on religious issues

In a solemn ceremony in Assisi, central Italy, the Catholic Church beatified the young Italian Carlo Acutis this Saturday, a computer genius, who became...
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“An Academic Approach to Modern Politics”- an interview with Prof. Ajay Gudavarthy

Politics has always been the most trending and simultaneously heated discussion across the country, always. Hardly any other conversation holds the potential to severe...
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The Uighur Muslims… who cares?

We’ve all heard about the severest human-rights crisis in the world, i.e. the arbitrary detention of millions or even more Uighur Muslims in straggling...
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Guns, Boots and Lathi stifling the human rights

May 25, 2020, witnessed the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer while arresting him for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. The...
Ex-Pope Frances warns of the worst of this pandemic would be "the drama of wasting it"

Pope Francis warns of the worst of this pandemic would be “the drama of...

Pope Francis said Sunday that the worst of the crisis that has caused this pandemic will "pass up drama" during his homily at the...
Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann

Israel published unpublished photos of the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann

El Shabak, one of the three organizations of the Israeli intelligence secret services, has published more information on Thursday about the arrest in Argentina...
Pope Francis

Pope Francis asks to invest in health to the heads of the nations of...

The Pope Francisco today urged the leaders of the nations of the world "investing in health" and to recognize "the essential role" of nurses...
The Volcano We Are Sitting On – Caste, Misogyny, Poverty & Religion

The volcano we are sitting on; caste, misogyny, poverty and religion

It is said that we find out about the character of a person in the most challenging times. The same applies to nations as...
Implications of increased divorce rates on children

Implications of increased divorce rates on children

Many kids experience the stress of divorce each year and how they react depends on their age, personality and separation circumstances. The term divorce,...