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Marital partner(s): social causes and spiritual acts

Of course, marriage is an important part of life — not only for physical happiness but also for mental peace, social reasons, spiritual peace,...

Professional, personal, family and social life

Professional life is an integral part of life. After a certain age, human beings become engaged with professional activities, not only for financial income...
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10 Tips For Dating After Divorce In Your 30’s

It’s time. You have grieved enough, spent time rediscovering yourself, gained confidence, and feel ready to jump into the world of dating. Dating after...
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Trump fears leaving the White House for two reasons – Bloomberg

Although US President Donald Trump has maneuvered over the years among many difficulties - the threat of bankruptcy, sexual harassment allegations, intense federal investigations,...
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Is Health Insurance a Good Money Saving Strategy?

A health insurance policy can help you save lakhs of rupees that are spent on medical treatment every year. Moreover, by paying health insurance...
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Gender inequality in education

“Prosper through education and strengthen through the organization”, the words of the social reformer Sree Narayana Guru are gaining prominence in the contemporary world....
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Catholic Pope Francis says homosexuality is not a sin but having sex with homosexual...

Homosexuality, LGBT, and LGBTQ are always questioned when religion is reached. Pope Francis is the first pope to declare support for the confirmed cohabitation...
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US Presidential Election and Russia’s Information Warfare – FBI is investigating the emails provided...

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating whether e-mails provided by US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer were part of Russia's intelligence...
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Who is the Neuss family in Argentina and what businesses did it promote

Is very likely that most Argentines identify the surname Neuss with a brand of soda. This is because the employer Jorge Justo Neuss (h)...
alexandra zarini The stepfather abused her at the age of six

Creepy secrets of the Gucci fashion family: The stepfather abused her at the age...

Alexandra Zarini (35), great-granddaughter of the founder of the fashion brand Gucci, filed a lawsuit against her own mother and grandmother The great-granddaughter of the...

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