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The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly

The Qatar Legacy and Projects Committee announced, on Wednesday, that it is preparing for the 2022 World Cup, to be the first carbon-neutral event...

“Be the host” .. a new Qatari initiative for football lovers

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar announced, on Saturday, the launch of the "Be the Host" initiative to receive fans during...
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Qatar… Completion of the 2022 World Cup Final Stadium turf mats

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (government) in Qatar announced, on Monday, the completion of the grass carpets on the grounds of the...
World Cup - Final - France v Croatia-saudi-arabia

The World Cup every 2 years.. The Saudi proposal raises global football controversy

The proposal of the Saudi Football Association, last May, to organize the World Cup every two years, instead of 4 years, sparked a wave...
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FIFA confirmed the date of the Club World Cup dispute

The FIFA confirmed that the Club World Cup 2020 will be played in Qatar between February 1 and 11 next year, to allow time...
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Santiago del Estero could host the match between Argentina and Paraguay

He Unique Mother of Cities Stadium of Santiago del Estero is in the plans of AFA to host the match between the Argentina Selection...

Ironman EM postponed in triathlon in Frankfurt

Frankfurt / Main » The Ironman EM of the triathletes in Frankfurt will not take place on June 28th due to the corona crisis. The...

Postponement of the Tour de France under discussion

Aigle - The plans for the resumption of the cycling season in the wake of the Corona crisis indicate a shift in the Tour...

Roxanne Dufter ends her speed skating career

Berlin - After a messed up season, speed skater Roxanne Dufter surprisingly ended her active career. "It has become clear to me that I want...
French women with Darleux and Dembele but without Ayglon or Pineau in qualifying for Euro 2020

French women with Darleux and Dembele, but without Ayglon or Pineau in qualifying for...

Cleopatre Darleux and Siraba Dembele are making their return to the French handball team after a maternity break, while Allison Pineau and Camille Ayalon...

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