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Sabrina-Sultana-Keya-Sabarina-Bangladeshi cine star Sabrina Sultana Keya’s glamorous two decades

Bangladeshi cine star Sabrina Keya’s glamorous two decades

Sabrina Sultana Keya is known to millions of her fans just as ‘Keya’. In Bangla, Keya is the name of a flower. Two decades...
Italy permanently abolishes religious and moral censorship of cinema

Italy permanently abolishes religious and moral censorship of cinema

The Italian government put an end to the censorship system that had been applied to cinematic films since 1914 and which had long been...
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Production companies in Philippines, intensify implementation of health protocols

The Film Development Council of the Philippines FDCP has urged production companies to re-assess and ratify their COVID-19 measures. This is due to the increasing...
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Sapna Choudhary: “Big Boss is a VIP Jail”, “Nepotism is curse to the industry”

Sapna Choudhary, an alluring Haryanvi dance performer, known for her stage performances, began her journey from Ragini dance Orchestra facing hurdles to nationwide acknowledgment...

“I love Indian movies… Punjabi Paratha… Punjabi Music,” says Golam Sohrab Dodul

Since the seventies, the Indian film industry is growing at a rapid speed. Movies like DDLJ, which US President Donald Trump mentioned in his...
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The Porn film industry can teach us how to take care of the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic strikes the world on three levels: the infected and the dead (almost 4 million and more than 271,000, as of May...

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