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Ending the search for survivors under the rubble of the collapsed building in Florida

The US authorities announced, on Wednesday, that rescue teams will stop the search for possible survivors under the rubble of an apartment building that...
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Regular manned space flight by SpaceX, a private company begins

Four astronauts were the first passengers when regular manned missions by the space shuttle private company SpaceX began last night. This was the second...
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Biden rode a bike and Trump drove a party rally

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, went for a bike ride near his home in the state of Delaware today, while his...
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Disaster area again in danger due to hurricane Jota

Hurricane Jota grew rapidly in the Caribbean today and has now become a fifth-degree hurricane. It now appears to be heading for a disaster...
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The times you need to keep in mind for the night

Election day has passed in the United States and today the Americans decide whether Donald Trump will remain as president or Joe Biden will...
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US Election – Biden Leads Trump In Swinging States

US presidential candidate Joe Biden is ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump. in key states, however, the gap between the rivals practically corresponds...
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This is how Trump could work to win the battle against Biden

Voters in several key states could still secure the re-election of US President Donald Trump, despite the fact that Democrat candidate Joe Biden has...
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The Treasury pays Trump hundreds of millions – Have the government pay for a...

The US Treasury's payments to President Donald Trump's companies have amounted to at least 2.4 million dollars during his presidency. His Florida taxpayer club...
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US Presidential Election – Biden Leads Trump in Key States One Week Before Election

Eight days before the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden by-polls in several key states ahead of his rival and Republican candidate Donald...
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Trump says he is immune for lifetime and nowhere to be seen

Donald Trump says his doctors' confirmation that he is no longer infected with the coronary heart disease virus will allow him to get back...

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