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Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

In every society, there are some forms of social crimes ranging from minor to major such as from theft to robbery to drug, human...
Grenell: This... crisis for the American brand... celebrating the power that comes with it

Grenell: This… crisis for the American brand… celebrating the power that comes with it

Richard Grenell, a close associate of US President Donald Trump, has sharply criticized Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The reason for that is...
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Trump’s last fight – Trump’s senators decide to challenge Biden’s election

A dozen Republican senators, led by Ted Cruz, have decided to challenge the victory of President-elect Joe Biden when the Electoral College vote is...
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The European Union fines two pharmaceutical companies for defrauding the market

The European Union has fined two drugmakers for complicity in keeping cheap alternative sleep medication off the market for their profits and at patients'...
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Trump’s Joker could turn US Election Results cunning

Trump continues to sue Democrats over election results, his lawyers still promise to provide "hard evidence" of collusion, and mainstream media tirelessly explain that...
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Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the elections will be annulled

President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, insisted on Sunday that the presidential election would be "annulled," claiming he had "proof" that "corrupt machines" had removed...
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Trump said that he will create jobs for husbands…

US President Donald Trump addressed women at an election rally in Michigan yesterday when he said he would help their husbands find work after...
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The British call their ambassador home from Belarus

Britain has temporarily withdrawn its ambassador to Belarus due to the current political unrest in the latter country. Belarus has been rocked by a wave...
Alberobello city fraud in Italy

A wonderful town in the south of Italy, created as a tax fraud

Local authorities have come up with a trick - to build a feudal settlement of limestone without binder, which can be easily dismantled and...
Dentist sentenced to 12 years for pulling out a tooth while using an electric skateboard

Dentist sentenced to 12 years for pulling out a tooth while using an electric...

He had 40 charges against him, including extracting teeth without permission from patients, fraud in the health care program, and illegal practice of medicine. Seth...

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