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“Sensitive information” .. Data leaked to 3.3 million customers of “Volkswagen”

The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, announced on Friday that it was exposed to an information hack that led to the leakage of data at...
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Former hacker named head of security for Twitter

The American corporation Twitter Inc, which owns the social network of the same name, has hired one of the hackers Peyter Zatko, formerly known...
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US accuses Russian troops for several international crimes worldwide

U.S. authorities have indicted six Russians working for Russia's military intelligence service. They are accused of several notorious computer attacks that have been carried...
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Russia says it has carried out a computer attack on the Norwegian parliament

The Norwegian authorities have come to the conclusion that Russia has attacked the computer system of the Norwegian parliament this summer. Norwegian Foreign Minister...
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Russia calls Norwegian accusations “serious provocation”

The Russian embassy in Norway said allegations by the Norwegian government that Russia had carried out a computer attack on the Norwegian parliament this...
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Norway accuses Russia of hacker attack on parliament

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide accused Russia of a hacker attack on the Norwegian parliament - the Storting, which became known on August...
The hacker was sentenced to five years in prison and a $ 1.4 million fine for stealing the Netflix series

The hacker was sentenced to five years in prison and a $ 1.4 million...

A Briton from Northamptonshire, who was arrested as part of the notorious hacker group "The Dark Overlord", was sentenced in the USA to five...
Uyghur Muslims file case against chinese communits party in international criminal court crime against humanity. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Uyghur Muslims finally dragged Chinese Communist Party to ICC for their crimes against humanity

A group of Uyghur Muslims residing outside China has filed a complaint against China with the International Criminal Court, to investigate crimes against humanity...
Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website news

Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website and some other

The Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency announced, on Monday, thwarting cyberattacks originating in Egypt, according to the Ethiopian News Agency (INA) reported on Tuesday. "The...
CIA theft 2017 biggest in history

They stole secret information from elite CIA hackers behind their backs

The elite CIA hacker group was more focused on developing technologically advanced methods of espionage than on cyber protection of its own system, which...

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