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She says she’s glad that people are finally “seeing the ugly truth” about Oprah...

Actress Rose McGowan talks harshly about the chat show queen Oprah Winfrey. She does so in a post on Twitter and shares a photo of...
Queen Elizabeth annulled the medal to Harvey Weinstein

Queen Elizabeth annulled the medal to Harvey Weinstein, a rape convict

Weinstein, 68, is serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York State after being convicted Feb. 24. Britain's Queen Elizabeth formally annulled the knighthood of...
Weinstein Trial PREDATORY behavior divides Jury e1582321274155

Weinstein Trial: “PREDATORY” behavior divides Jury

Harvey Weinstein's trial jury hinted on Friday that he had agreed to three of the five charges but remained divided over the two remainings, and the...

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