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The Uighur Muslims… who cares?

We’ve all heard about the severest human-rights crisis in the world, i.e. the arbitrary detention of millions or even more Uighur Muslims in straggling...
China, where millions of Uyghurs live in concentration camps, accuses US of “chronic disease” of racism

China, where millions of Uyghurs live in concentration camps, accuses US of “chronic disease”...

Chinese authorities have accused the United States of a "chronic disease" of racism amid ongoing protests in the United States, triggered by several high-profile...
man was sentenced to death for Zoom

For the first time, a man was sentenced to death for Zoom

A Singapore court sentenced a man to death in a trial conducted through the Zoom video conferencing app to prevent the spread of the...
The mysterious princess of North Korea

The mysterious princess of North Korea is almost equal replacement to Kim Jong-un

A Russian diplomat has for the first time revealed the view of Kim Jong Un, the former leader of North Korea, to his family....
Venezuela: Bloody riot in Venezuela prison

Venezuela: Bloody riot in Venezuela prison, a human rights issue

World Human Rights Watch: Human rights groups on Saturday, May 4, called for an investigation into a prison riot in western Venezuela that left...
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Coronavirus aggravates dispute over easing Iran sanctions

In the Corona crisis, calls for easing sanctions against Iran are increasing as they hinder the import of important medicines and medical devices. The...
guinea presidential elections third term for guinea s president

Guinea Presidential Elections: Third term for Guinea’s president?

On March 1st, voters in Guinea are to vote on a constitutional amendment. This could give President Conde the opportunity to run for the next...
guinea s president postpones constitutional referendum

Guinea’s president postpones constitutional referendum

President Conde actually wanted to allow himself a third term of office with the help of a new constitution. The controversial vote has now...

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