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Why Italy and Libya are cooperating to end illegal immigration now?

After the emergence of video clips showing officials shooting at a boat of migrant families in the Mediterranean, fighting death to reach a life...
Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

In every society, there are some forms of social crimes ranging from minor to major such as from theft to robbery to drug, human...
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Every 100th woman in the world suffers from slavery

Globally, more than 29 million girls and women are victims of modern slavery. This is stated in the UN report. According to the anti-slavery organization...
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Transnational gold smuggling questions the purity of gold

In India Gold is part of culture, sign of prosperity, symbol of wealth, and is part and parcel of life. The demand for the...
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The Libyan army begins activating the border security points with Tunisia

On Saturday, the Libyan army started activating the border security points in the western region with Tunisia, by strengthening the security presence in them...
The Discourse of 'Precariat Struggle' in World Democracy.

Opinion : The discourse of ‘Precariat Struggle’ in world democracy

During the 1970s, the idea behind the neo-liberal strategies was the development of flexible labour-market. The central plank behind neo-liberalism was the maximum competition...
Abuse often takes place in your own four walls.

Domestic Violence in Corona Quarantine: Increased Risk for Women and Children

Council of Europe Secretary-General Marija Pejcinovic Buric has vigorously warned of an increase in domestic violence during exit restrictions due to the coronavirus. Reports...