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The collapse of the Yemeni riyal..a protest march and a partial strike by Taiz merchants

The collapse of the Yemeni Riyal..a protest march and a partial strike by Taiz...

Yemenis organized a march in the southwestern city of Taiz, on Saturday; To protest against the collapse of the value of the riyal and...

UN: Half of the needy in Ethiopia’s Tigray do not receive food aid

The World Food Program said that food aid from the United Nations has reached only half of the intended recipients in Ethiopia's Tigray region,...

North Korea begins its summer with a food crisis, heat wave and drought

At the beginning of the summer, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un described the country's food situation as "tense" after the borders were closed due...

“The reality is worse.” Corona is pushing hundreds of millions into starvation around the...

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned Monday that the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on global food security will be long-term after...

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