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Oil turns bearish after strong gains during the week

Oil turns bearish after strong gains during the week

Oil prices turned lower, on Friday, after strong gains during the week, with the return of most of the American supplies that were disrupted...

Biden: Hurricane “Ida” is life-threatening, the US Government is preparing for the worst

More than 300,000 people were left without electricity after Hurricane "Ida" of the fourth category reached Louisiana, writes Sky News. Described as an "extremely dangerous"...
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Climate change: can the world be made safer?

In the last month, a virtual meeting, called Leaders Summit on Climate, was held among the world’s seventeen largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters....
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Deniers put a climate report on the Trump administration’s final meters

Two scientists who reject the scientific understanding of climate change have been tasked with directing the US government's most comprehensive climate report in the...
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Disaster area again in danger due to hurricane Jota

Hurricane Jota grew rapidly in the Caribbean today and has now become a fifth-degree hurricane. It now appears to be heading for a disaster...
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Kim cried, apologized and showed new weapons

Kim Jong Un, North Korea's dictator, wept and apologized for the hardships his people have had to go through in the past. He said...
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Thousands of people in Louisiana, United States, leave their homes due to Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta, with winds exceeding 150 kilometers per hour, impacted the state of Louisiana, in the United States and thousands of people living on...

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