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Development of hypersonic weapons threatens Europe

Europe's security is under "nightmarish threat", German media reported. The era of the development of hypersonic weapons made the old warning and missile defense...
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Confrontation between the United States and Russia – America is ready to contain Russia...

The United States is ready to deploy intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe to contain Russia. This was stated by the Assistant to the President...
Trump accused Russia of "stealing" technology of hypersonic weapons from the United States

Trump accused Russia of “stealing” technology of hypersonic weapons from the United States

The American President called the Russian hypersonic missiles "slow" compared to the current American US President Donald Trump said that Russia allegedly "stole" the technology...
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Russian S-500 Prometheus shoot down hypersonic rockets in space; The Ministry of Defense spoke...

The S-500 "Prometheus" anti-aircraft missile system is capable of shooting down targets in near space. The Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper was informed about this by...
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Russia is able to oppose hypersonic weapons says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is developing means aimed at counteracting the hypersonic weapons of other countries. Russia is already in the dog...

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