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Pakistan Economic Downfall Imran Khan Terrorism Economy, Current Account Deficit

Pakistan at the brink of Financial agony

Since the outset of Imran khan’s tenure, Pakistan’s economy has been confronting a sprint slump.  Recently The government presented its Budget, which unfolded the...
Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence

Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence; grievance not addressed

Imran Khan's Pakistan government discriminates Pukhtoon, Afghan, or Pathan regions. Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) fighting for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

JKLF banning on Pakistan Day right before the Loksabha elections in India

Yaseen Malik led Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front is banned in India. JKLF is held responsible for Kashmiri Pandit exodus and several attacks in Kashmir.
Pulwama Attack; An Intelligence Failure, Pakistan's Retaliation to Airstrike

Pulwama Attack; An Intelligence Failure, Pakistan’s Retaliation to Airstrike

Indian Intelligence failure. Indian Airstrike on Pakistani soil is not responded by international community. Ram Mandir conflict, BJP and Modi on elections propaganda.
Shame on Sidhu; Deadliest Valentine's Gift from Pakistan in Pulwama

Shame on Sidhu; Deadliest Valentine’s Gift from Pakistan in Pulwama

Pakistan's State sponsored cross border Terrorism. Navjot Sidhu and Imran Khan's romantic relations made India pay a huge price in Pulwama.