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Bennett promises to Tehran: We will convey a special message to Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed, on Sunday, that his country will convey a special message to Iran, following the recent attack on an...

The USA and Israel are preparing for a war with Iran

The situation in the Middle East is rapidly deteriorating. On the first anniversary of the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the Americans,...
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The European Union excludes the Falkland Islands from the agreement with the United Kingdom

On the edge of the established deadlines, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) reached a trade agreement to implement Brexit. The arrangement...
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Iran launches ballistic missiles “from the depths of the earth”

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force (IRGC) launched a series of ballistic missiles from underground silos on July 29 on the second...
Russian frigate repelled the attack of "pirates" in the Indian Ocean

Russian frigate repelled the attack of “pirates” in the Indian Ocean

The frigate Admiral Grigorovich of the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise to repel an attack by pirates in the Indian Ocean. This...

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