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How Genomics plays a role in Criminal Prosecution.. India

Technology evolves much faster than the law can keep up and this is more so with Genomics. DNA Technology over the years has become...
The dowry conundrum in Indian society

The dowry conundrum in Indian society

The recent video of Ayesha which went viral minutes before her suicide shook the entire nation. The utmost sorrowful moments were Ayesha's conversation with...
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A boy has been fooling the world with fake predictions on coronavirus

Once anyone will Google the name – Abhigya Anand, every news media in the world is having at least one item on this Indian...
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Human Rights violation for the sake of Women’s Rights – Domestic Violence and the...

Ever since the imposition of lockdown, domestic violence or "violent behavior or aggression against a spouse/partner" is on the rise in India. The spike...

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