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Selling oil production licenses in protected areas in Trump’s final days as president

The government of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States, plans to start selling oil production licenses in a protected area in...

American Oncology Institute wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award...

American Oncology Institute (AOI) the leading cancer care provider in South Asia has been awarded the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Award for its Competitive...
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How Augmented Reality is Redeeming Traditional Media from Demise

As the world embraces digital reality, both consumers and marketers alike have come to expect instant and interactive information, combined with precision in targeting...
Colour Psychology color brain psychy brands colours effects on mentality

Color Psychology in Marketing and Branding

Many of us may have played, or at least come across, the game where the name of the brand is removed and only the...
See how Tesla's autopilot falls on the test and cuts the "pedestrians" on the road

See how Tesla’s autopilot falls on the test and cuts the “pedestrians” on the...

Tesla's cars have the most advanced autonomous driving system, and at the same time, it is one of the most controversial systems in the...
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Canada strikes back at the U.S. after U.S. tariffs on Canadian aluminum

Canada will introduce "reciprocal measures" worth 2.3 billion euros in a month in response to Donald Trump's decision to return a 10 percent tariff...
Secret Concierge Service Dubai

Secret Circle Concierge, a trend among Dubai’s affluent families

Dubai is considered as one of the world's most luxurious destinations where people love doing amazing stuff. From its magnificent skyline to its glistening...
Singapore's economy shrinks by 4 to 7 percent

Singapore’s economy shrinks by 4 to 7 percent

After the official data showed that Singapore's economy was affected by the Coronavirus in the first quarter of this year, the Ministry of Trade...
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India: Governance and Public Policy Lab open for the World

This opinion is based on a policy webinar held by Sanjaya Baru and ISPP (The Indian School of Public Policy) on 16th May 2020....
Life after Corona crisis - A new normal and changes in the economy

Life after Corona crisis – A new normal and changes in the economy

The Spanish flu that spread close to the end of World War-I wiped out almost a tenth of the population at that time. The...