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Coalition wants to massively expand corona virus tests - politics

Germany – Coalition wants to massively expand corona virus tests

The grand coalition plans to launch another legislative package to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The number of corona tests are to be increased up...

Trump: “Attack virus on every front”

Washington / New York (TEH) - US President Donald Trump has called on the Americans to stick together in the face of dramatically rising...

Cruise ship corona odyssey: Trump intervenes

Washington / Fort Lauderdale (TEH) - US President Donald Trump intervened in the back and forth around the cruise ship "Zaandam" with several corona...

“We will lose thousands of people”

Washington - US President Donald Trump has sworn Americans to historically difficult times and dramatic casualties in the near future because of the Corona...

Corona virus is rife in other homes

Wolfsburg / Berlin (TEH) - The coronavirus is spreading increasingly in old people's homes in Germany. After the death of 17 infected people in...

Patient Protection Foundation: Nothing happens for the highly vulnerable

Mr. Brysch, although the climax of the Corona crisis is not yet in sight, the discussion about an “exit strategy” has started. Some believe...

The Corona fire department beckons with the antibody donation

What hope is there in these days? The infection tables and death statistics offer little comfort, on the contrary, and the "exit" calls do...

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