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Samsung is once again the largest cell phone manufacturer and a Chinese brand dropped...

South Korean tech Samsung reclaimed the top spot as the largest mobile phone maker, which was held by Huawei, although the surprise was the...
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WhatsApp announced on which devices it will stop working in 2021

WhatsApp announced that it will stop working on some phones, after the latest updates that the application has experienced. It happens that many models do...
Van Moof Pedelecs - The iPhone among bicycles - Auto & Mobil

Van Moof Pedelecs – The iPhone among bicycles

The timing couldn't have been more difficult for Taco Carlier and his brother Ties. Or? On Tuesday, the two founders of the Dutch bicycle...
Apple lowers results due to coronavirus e1582121567653

Apple lowers results due to coronavirus

Faced with the epidemic, the group had given a range of forecast sales for its second quarter wider than usual, between 63 and 67...

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