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UN hopes for ‘low-key’ dialogue between Pakistan and India

On Monday, the United Nations expressed its hope to "launch a low-profile dialogue between Pakistan and India." This came in a press conference held by...

Among its members are 5 former detainees at Guantanamo.. The Taliban calls on the...

The Taliban announced the formation of a new government after its return to power following the withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan. The movement...

Fall of Kabul, the Taliban kill political leadership and religious minorities in Afghanistan

Kabul has fallen. The Taliban has taken the control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after 9 hours of an armed battle between Afghan...

After the kidnapping of the ambassador’s daughter, Kabul withdraws its diplomats from Pakistan

A day after the kidnapping of the daughter of its ambassador to Pakistan, Afghanistan on Sunday recalled its ambassador to Islamabad and senior diplomats...

The daughter of the ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan was kidnapped and subjected to...

The Afghan government said today, Saturday, that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan was briefly kidnapped and mistreated by unknown persons. The Ministry...
In Pakistan, a massive blackout plunges the country into darkness

In Pakistan, a massive blackout plunges the country into darkness

Electricity was gradually restored on Sunday in Pakistan's main cities, which were plunged into darkness overnight after a massive power outage, government officials said....
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Turkey increases trades with Pakistan at double speed

Pakistani Ambassador to Ankara Muhammad Cyrus Sajjad Qazi, and his Turkish counterpart in Islamabad Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul, pledged to make more efforts to increase...
PIA plane crashed near Karachi port

Plane with 107 passengers on board crashes in Pakistan

A plane from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has crashed on Friday in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport, Karachi in southern Pakistan, as...
New Delhi should not panic about Afghanistan

New Delhi should not panic about Afghanistan

-The United States and Taliban have entered into an agreement in the Qatari capital Doha which will pave way for US forces to leave...
bangladesh india’s biggest ally or china’s dragon nest

Bangladesh; India’s Biggest Ally or China’s Dragon Nest?

26th March 1971 and a new state was born; Bangladesh. 14th August 1947 when the partition of India took place, the nation divided into two...

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