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Islamophobia… Opening an investigation after messages threatening Muslims in Britain

British police have launched an investigation after "racist and anti-Muslim" messages reached members of a West Yorkshire city council. Four members of the Labor Party...

France .. The Ministry of the Interior closes 6 mosques and dissolves a number...

The French Ministry of the Interior announced the start of procedures for closing 6 mosques and dissolving a number of associations, due to their...
ONTARIO MUSLIMS DEADLY ATTACK-Canada witnesses multi-religious rallies condemning the attack on the Muslim family

Canada witnesses multi-religious rallies condemning the attack on the Muslim family

With the participation of thousands of different faiths, a march took place in Canada's Ontario on Friday evening in honor of the Muslim family...
Tarek Fatah, a filthy vendor of BJP agenda and a fake news peddler

Tarek Fatah – a fake news peddler targets Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh

Tarek Fatah who claims to be a friend of India during the present BJP rule has turned into the worst propagandist against the Canadian...
Burqa Ban, terrorist, extremism

Burqa Ban in Sri Lanka for National Security

Sri Lanka's announcement of banning the burqa and shutting 1000s of madrasas comes at the heels of the 2nd anniversary of the 2019 Easter...
Islamophobia Switzerland staged a referendum to ban the burqa

Islamophobia in Swiss society – a referendum to ban the burqa

Exactly on the occasion of This applies to both the Muslim veil and the balaclavas of football fans. Many described the referendum as a...
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Muslims widely angry Macron, because of your Islamophobic behavior

French authorities have recalled their ambassador to Turkey over remarks by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that French President Emmanuel Macron said he was...
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Ritesh Tandon & Rishi Kumar: OFBJP’s Candidates in California

Two US congressional candidates in California’s San Francisco Bay Area — Republican Ritesh Tandon and Democrat Rishi Kumar — exemplify the pragmatically transpartisan attitude...
How Corona virus may stop hate across the globe

Hope Corona virus may stop hate across the globe

­The entire world shatters today at the behest of a deadly pandemic virus, the Covid-19. It had a cakewalk journey across the globe on...
The number of attacks on Muslims has not been reduced since 2017. According to a report, 871 attacks were counted in 2019. After the acts in Halle and Hanau, the police tightened up their actions.

Almost 900 attacks on Muslims in Germany in 2019

According to a report, 871 attacks were carried out in Germany last year In the attack on the synagogue in Halle on October 9, 2019,...

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