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Mesut Ozil shows newborn daughter

London (TEH) - Baby surprise at former soccer player Mesut Ozil: The 31-year-old and his wife Amine have shown their newborn daughter on their...
Corona letter-from-istanbul-break-the-siege

Corona:Letter from Istanbul, break the siege

In the early 1990s, a number of Kemalist intellectuals fell victim to officially unsolved murder attacks in Turkey. What these journalists and scientists had...
turkey more than migrants entered the eu

Turkey: More than 36,000 migrants entered the EU

Turkey claims to have let thousands of refugees cross the border with the EU. "We opened the (border) gates yesterday," said Turkish President Recep...
is the eu turkey refugee deal now breaking

Is the EU-Turkey refugee deal now breaking?

The EU is skeptical of the first rumors from Turkey that more Syrian refugees are on their way to Europe. The "refugee deal" still applies. How...
situation on the greek turkish border escalates

Situation on the Greek-Turkish border escalates

There have been clashes at the Turkish-Greek border crossing at Pazarkule. Thousands of migrants came together on the Turkish side. Some threw stones, the Greek police...
c3 seville as rome poster of eighths

C3: Seville-AS Rome, poster of Eighths

Sevilla FC, a five-time winner of the Europa League, will face AS Rome in the eighth-finals of C3, the biggest poster in the draw...
Libya political talks skid in Geneva military showdown continues

Libya: political talks skid in Geneva, military showdown Continues

Uncertainty still reigns over the outcome of the talks between belligerent Libyans which are held in Geneva, under the aegis of the UN, and...
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Archery, A Lively Sunnah Sport, Islamic

If you think that the Muslims are the bearded men with their veiled women who can do nothing except practicing restrictions in their lives,...
The Istanbul Canal project e1582198391612

The Istanbul Canal project criticized as “crazy project” that devides Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's dream of digging a canal in Istanbul to compete with those of Suez and Panama is met with fierce opposition...

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