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Coronavirus as a biological weapon

Biological weapons: from Bubonic plague to coronavirus

Each time a new disease arises, and even more so when it becomes an epidemic or, as in the case of the Coronavirus infection...
Dutch philosopher and historian Luuk van Middelaar

Netherlands : Europe’s cohesion also strengthens in the crisis

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the European Union has been subjected to harsh criticism. The Confederation of States is too unsound, it...
Italy is worried about its summer

Italy is worried about its summer, death of tourism sector

Nothing will be the same at the seaside again this summer. In Italy, people still hope for limited beach operations. A company suggests separating...
The faces of selfishness

The faces of selfishness

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, as you like to call it, still means an attack on life, with greater extension and precision, where life is...

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