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Madrasah education and some reflections

Madrasah education and some reflections

Of course, madrasah education is an important educational sector in Bangladesh. It provides Islamic education and contributes to society in terms of religious affairs....
Bangladesh Dhaka Godmother Shahana's son Ony

Destroy the evil nexus of anarchists, terrorists and anti-Bangladesh forces

When on March 26th, Bangladesh was celebrating its golden jubilee of independence, an evil nexus of anarchists, terrorists and anti-Bangladesh forces, with the active...

A School at the Heart of Quit India Movement

A glance at the life of teenagers today finds them absorbed in games of various kinds. Their names invoke widespread bewilderment to those of...
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Human Rights violation for the sake of Women’s Rights – Domestic Violence and the...

Ever since the imposition of lockdown, domestic violence or "violent behavior or aggression against a spouse/partner" is on the rise in India. The spike...

“I love Indian movies… Punjabi Paratha… Punjabi Music,” says Golam Sohrab Dodul

Since the seventies, the Indian film industry is growing at a rapid speed. Movies like DDLJ, which US President Donald Trump mentioned in his...
Cluster Development Program for SMEs in India

Creating Competitive SMEs – The CDP Approach

SMEs are the drivers of the national economy as it contributes a large part of GDP. It is found in India that these units...
The Volcano We Are Sitting On – Caste, Misogyny, Poverty & Religion

The volcano we are sitting on; caste, misogyny, poverty and religion

It is said that we find out about the character of a person in the most challenging times. The same applies to nations as...
The Discourse of 'Precariat Struggle' in World Democracy.

Opinion : The discourse of ‘Precariat Struggle’ in world democracy

During the 1970s, the idea behind the neo-liberal strategies was the development of flexible labour-market. The central plank behind neo-liberalism was the maximum competition...
COVID-19 –post-traumaticgrowth for Indians anticipated.

India : COVID-19 – Posttraumatic growth for Indians anticipated

As the world goes to an almost crashing halt, leaders and experts are thinking about the uncommon difficulties of the COVID19 emergency. From flexing...
exclusive interview of Prof. Sinha

“The Curious Case of Male Molestation and Activism”- In a conversation with Prof. Satyabrat...

"Yeh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Kya?" asked the policeman. It roughly translates into "Is it possible for this to take place as well?" The surprise he...

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