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World Cup - Final - France v Croatia-saudi-arabia

The World Cup every 2 years.. The Saudi proposal raises global football controversy

The proposal of the Saudi Football Association, last May, to organize the World Cup every two years, instead of 4 years, sparked a wave...
Can Travellers enter Malaysia?

Can Travellers enter Malaysia?

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Malaysia has imposed entrance and mobility restrictions on all foreign nationals. Please go to the Ministry of Health to...

Do I need a visa to go to Malaysia?

Whether or not you need a visa for Malaysia depends on 3 factors: Your nationality Why you are...
MH370 crash Malaysia suspected pilot of suicidal gesture e1582129566396

MH370 crash: Malaysia suspected pilot of suicidal gesture

Mystery still hangs over this flight. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says "very senior" Malaysian officials suspected at the outset the pilot of the Malaysian...

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