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Social Alienation or Normlessness as an Alarming Human Condition: The Product of and the...

While every time we comprehend the critical human condition so vulnerable around power, war, and terror, it has been a matter of constant disappointment...

Turkish soldier killed in northern Iraq

A Turkish soldier was killed, Thursday, in northern Iraq, as a result of a mortar attack, according to what Ankara announced, blaming the Kurdistan...

Erbil..Iranian Kurdish opposition party accuses Tehran of assassinating one of its leaders

The opposition Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, the oldest Kurdish separatist group in Iran and active in Iraqi Kurdistan, accused Iran on Saturday of...
Iraqi militia vows to cut off the legs of Turkish soldiers

Iraqi militia vows to cut off the legs of Turkish soldiers

An Iraqi militia backed by Iran vowed on Saturday to "cut off the legs" of Turkish soldiers if they came to "occupy" any part...

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