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Macron announces ‘deeper’ defense strategy with Greece

French President Emmanuel Macron announced, on Tuesday, a "deeper" strategic partnership with Greece, to defend the common interests of the two countries. This came during...

Forest fires.. Fire is raging in Greece and rain eases its impact in Turkey

Thousands of tourists and residents were evacuated as a thick cloud of smoke covered Athens as forest fires continued in Greece, in a scene...
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Cyprus, Egypt, and Greece form an alliance over the Mediterranean rule, they aim to...

The head of the Romanian Southern Cyprus Administration, Nicos Anastasiades, met, on Wednesday, with the Egyptian Presidents Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Greek, Kyriakos...
Greece dictates European Union to impose sanctions on Turkey

Greece dictates European Union to impose sanctions on Turkey

The European Union should impose "significant sanctions" on Turkey if Ankara does not withdraw its forces from the disputed part of the eastern Mediterranean,...
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Christians in Greece protest against Turkey for Hagia Sophia’s reversion into a mosque

A video clip of the burning of the Turkish flag in Greece provoked Ankara, forcing it to issue an outraged official statement on Saturday. Videos...
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Athens raises concerns over Germany-Turkey friendship, remains hostile to Turkey

Tensions have again reached a climax between Turkey and Greece over a number of traditional conflicts such as the issues of Cyprus and the...

Coronavirus in Greece – concern for the economy

The Corona horror reports have an additional scare in the case of Greece. Several of the refugee camps in the country, some of which...
is the eu turkey refugee deal now breaking

Is the EU-Turkey refugee deal now breaking?

The EU is skeptical of the first rumors from Turkey that more Syrian refugees are on their way to Europe. The "refugee deal" still applies. How...
situation on the greek turkish border escalates

Situation on the Greek-Turkish border escalates

There have been clashes at the Turkish-Greek border crossing at Pazarkule. Thousands of migrants came together on the Turkish side. Some threw stones, the Greek police...

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