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Bolsonaro wondered what is the rush to have a vaccine against the coronavirus

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, this Monday questioned the studies being carried out worldwide to obtain a vaccine against the coronavirus by stating...
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Coronavirus could cause deafness, UK study warns

The new coronavirus could cause sudden and permanent hearing loss, said a medical group, reporting the British "first case" in the BMJ Case Reports...
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COVID-19 – A Biological Weapon?

This article has been authored by Srishti Ray, a third-year B.A.LL.B student of National Law University and Judicial Academy, India in lieu of the...
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More difficult than we think .. Who should get the Corona vaccine first?

Who should get the Corona vaccine first? It is a question that worries both ethics and medicine. Some see that the priority in getting...
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NASA launches the robot Perseverance in search of extraterrestrial life to Mars

Was there life on Mars? This is the question that the Perseverance rover will try to answer, which NASA launched this Thursday towards the...
WHO reports eruption of EBOLA 2020 outbreak, again

WHO reports eruption of EBOLA 2020 outbreak, deadly fever again

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a second outbreak of Ebola fever. According to the organization, the spread of a deadly disease occurs...
Chinese scientist had warned about the coronavirus a year earlier and was censored. China, Corona, Coronavirus, COVID, Disease, Epidemic, Laboratory, Research, Virology, Virus, Wild Animals, World, Wuhan,

Chinese scientist had warned about the coronavirus a year earlier and was censored

The Chinese virology researcher who warned a year ago of the emergence of a deadly new virus now says that the coronavirus is "just...
Mike Pompeo secy of state

Pompeo abandoned the theory of distribution of COVID-19 from Wuhan laboratory

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo abandoned the theory that he and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, put forward that the...
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India: Governance and Public Policy Lab open for the World

This opinion is based on a policy webinar held by Sanjaya Baru and ISPP (The Indian School of Public Policy) on 16th May 2020....
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China’s Leading Epidemiologist Tells How Wuhan Authorities Hid COVID-19 Information

The authorities of Chinese Wuhan, the first city on the way to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, hid important information about the new virus, including...

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