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Russia News, Ukraine news, donbass news, donbas issue, plane crash news, air crash, warzone in Ukraine, russia ukraine relations tesions, MH17 airlines crash case reopened in Netherlands. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

The Netherlands opens Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash case against Russia in Donbass

The Netherlands Flight Safety Fund launched an investigation into Ukraine’s refusal to close airspace in the Donbas when a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane crashed...
Uyghur Muslims file case against chinese communits party in international criminal court crime against humanity. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Uyghur Muslims finally dragged Chinese Communist Party to ICC for their crimes against humanity

A group of Uyghur Muslims residing outside China has filed a complaint against China with the International Criminal Court, to investigate crimes against humanity...
The Volcano We Are Sitting On – Caste, Misogyny, Poverty & Religion

The volcano we are sitting on; caste, misogyny, poverty and religion

It is said that we find out about the character of a person in the most challenging times. The same applies to nations as...
Why don’t you hereafter teach a chapter of ‘mob lynching’ in schools, colleges, and universities in the history of India?

India: Just a chapter on mob lynching in syllabus, is it possible?

A speedy action taken by the mob amidst a pandemic should be as severe as the pandemic itself. All incidences should either be recorded...

Mosley regrets the high cost of young motorsports

London - Former World Association leader Max Mosley still regrets that young drivers have not paved the way to Formula 1 at low cost. "I'm...

Brose Bamberg in short-time work: 50 percent salary reduction

Bamberg - basketball Bundesliga club Brose Bamberg sends its employees short-time in the face of the Coronavirus crisis. As the nine-time German champion announced,...

Ronaldinho is said to have paid bail with money from Europe

Asuncion - Former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho is said to have withdrawn the money he used for the bail to be released from custody...

New allegations of bribery over World Cup award to Qatar

New York » Two and a half years before the Winter World Cup in Qatar, the controversial host and the world football association FIFA...

US musician Adam Schlesinger dies of coronavirus

Los Angeles (TEH) - The US musician Adam Schlesinger, who is also known as a film composer, died after being infected with the novel...

Bayer accepts comparison of weed killers

Kansas City (TEH) - Bayer has reached a settlement with US class plaintiffs in a legal dispute over the allegedly misleading marketing of weed...

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