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Media reveals Trump’s plans to outshine candidates in the 2024 election

Donald Trump told his advisers about his intention to run again in the presidential elections in the United States in four years. According to...
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Nancy Pelosi goes to her final term as a speaker

The US elections are not only a matter of the country's president. Equally important is the outcome of elections to the House of Representatives...
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Will Biden avoid escalating Cold War between US and China – Bloomberg

Since last year, there have been thoughts that China and the United States have already started a Cold War. American President Donald Trump was...
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Who claims for seats in Joe Biden’s office – A brief analysis

In the next two and a half months, the unofficial winner of the US presidential race (official results of the vote will be announced...
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Who will beat Biden or Trump, an interesting poll fight

US Early Voting Reaches New Record - 90 million Americans voted early in the US presidential election... President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival...
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How much is Biden ahead of Trump in 4 days before the US presidential...

Four days before the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump at the national level. USA Today...
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What’s after the outbreak: Challenges of the new political geography of Latin America

The Union of South American Nations (USAN), for his part, awaits his turn at bat while events unfold that may change the political direction...
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Trump’s Failures and why Americans should vote out Trump?

America, which chose Donald Trump as president in 2016, has become miserable and divided. Now that Trump is asking Americans to re-elect him again...
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Partnership between Ukraine and the United States – Yelchenko on what will be the...

The strategic partnership between the United States of America and Ukraine will be strengthened regardless of who wins the US presidential election. This was...
Greece Turkey War 2020 latest battle

A war between Greece and Turkey, as assessed by the experts

The head of the Greek Ministry of Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, speaking of his country's readiness to protect its sovereign rights, did not rule out...

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