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Scene from: Philip Waechter: "Toni wants to go to the sea"Illustration: Beltz & Gelberg

New children’s and youth books: Handy-Henri even takes part

The colorful illustrations in the picture book "The Kiosk" are magically attractive. With a powerful brushstroke, Anete Melece tells the fantastic story of a...
italy closes all schools and suggested not to kiss anyone

Italy closes all schools and suggested not to kiss Anyone

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, all schools and universities in Italy will remain closed until March 15th. The country most affected within...
burkhard jung wins again remains mayor of leipzig

Burkhard Jung wins again, remains mayor of Leipzig

The red Leipzig hasn't tilted to the right. With his razor-thin lead of 1.5 percentage points, SPD Mayor Burkhard Jung was able to defend...
discrimination against hoffenheim s hopp results in hate folklore

Discrimination against Hoffenheim’s Hopp results in Hate Folklore

There is excitement in football country. There is talk of the shame of Hoffenheim. Bundesliga games have been interrupted. There is a debate about discrimination in football. There...

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