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Tightening measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic in many countries

Many countries that are trying hard to contain the outbreak of the new Coronavirus have intensified measures of isolation and imposing the wearing of...
france concert in paris provokes riots

France: Concert in Paris provokes riots

Flames and a huge black cloud of smoke rose around the Paris long-distance train station, Gare de Lyon. As the State Railways SNCF announced,...
euroleague asvel falls in moscow and sinks

Euroleague: ASVEL falls in Moscow and Sinks

Villeurbanne lost 108-79 on the floor of Khimki Moscow in the Euroleague on Friday evening, suffering the 17th defeat of the season in the...
Spain Real and Barca weakened clasico in crisis

Spain- Real and Barca weakened, clasico in crisis?

Decisive but tarnished: the most important Liga Clasico in recent years, Sunday (9 p.m., 8 p.m. GMT), will also be the least attractive, while...
Ladies Euroleague Montpellier officially qualified for the quarter finals

Ladies’ Euroleague: Montpellier officially qualified for the Quarter-finals

The basketball players of Montpellier are officially qualified for the quarter-finals of the Euroleague after the package of the Hungarians of Sopron, who refused...
Wenceslas Lauret has not drawn a line under the XV of France

Top 14: Wenceslas Lauret has not drawn a line under the XV of France

"I haven't given my international retirement yet": the third line wing Wenceslas Lauret, who has 27 selections with the XV of France but was...
Franco Italian summit in Naples disrupted by coronavirus

Franco-Italian summit in Naples disrupted by coronavirus

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron to Naples (Italy) on Thursday for a summit intended to "revive" bilateral relations, which...
We dont have the plague claim the supporters of Juve in Lyon e1582747273903

“We don’t have the plague”, claim the supporters of “Juve” in Lyon

Easily recognizable by their black and white scarves in the tourist arteries of Lyon, the supporters of Juventus on Wednesday deplore the psychosis and...
Coronavirus Ireland Italy Six Nations Tournament game postponed e1582745372129

Coronavirus: opposition criticizes the arrival of Juventus supporters in Lyon

Ireland-Italy Six Nations tournament scheduled for March 7 in Dublin has been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, Irish rugby federation said Wednesday with...
Lyon dreams of exploit against Juventus questions around the coronavirus scaled e1582703152790

C1: Lyon dreams of exploit against Juventus, questions around the coronavirus

Lyon leaves in search of an exploit against Juventus, stars in the eyes vis-a-vis Cristiano Ronaldo but the feet mired in its difficulties of...

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