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Why the world began to abandon WhatsApp?

Leaks conversation to Zuckerberg. Why the world began to abandon WhatsApp?

Another scandal with American Internet companies is unfolding in the world. This time it was triggered by the actions of the world's most popular messenger...
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Trump threatens Facebook and Twitter for blocking article critical of Biden

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, today threatened to eliminate the immunity that covers Facebook and Twitter for the content uploaded by...
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Posts about coronavirus were considered “fake”: why Trump did not please social networks

Social networks staged a demarche against Trump. On Facebook, a post has been removed from the official page of the American president, which was...
Facebook employees protest against Zuckerberg's inaction on Trump's post

Facebook employees protest against Zuckerberg’s inaction on Trump’s post

Some Facebook employees have planned a virtual strike to protest the decision of CEO Mark Zuckerberg not to respond to a number of controversial...

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