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Professional, personal, family and social life

Professional life is an integral part of life. After a certain age, human beings become engaged with professional activities, not only for financial income...

What is Doomscrolling and how to break the cycle

What exactly is doomscrolling? If you've spent this lockdown period reading about the surge of Covid cases, you've probably heard about it. But in...

Nutrition and a healthy brain

The human brain is an amazing organ, it has over a hundred billion neurons which are interconnected in a complex way through trillions of synapses....
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What could COVID mean for the social fabric of India?

There has been an understandable desire to identify the result of these Covid-19 dark moments in global history when much of the world has...
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COVID-19, our most challenging teacher

According to some genetic studies of COVID-19 samples, scientists suggest that COVID-19 emerged in China a year ago. However, Chinese authorities only informed the...
The psychology behind televised violence of shows and news in India

The psychology behind televised violence of shows and news in India

What is that one thing that distinguishes Western Media from that of India!? However simple and widely known the answer might be, it is firstly...
alexandra zarini The stepfather abused her at the age of six

Creepy secrets of the Gucci fashion family: The stepfather abused her at the age...

Alexandra Zarini (35), great-granddaughter of the founder of the fashion brand Gucci, filed a lawsuit against her own mother and grandmother The great-granddaughter of the...
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Emotional and mental health issues concern for Indian denizens during Covid-19 outbreak

The current spate of the Covid-19 outbreak is having a telling on the emotional and mental health of the majority of the Indian populace,...
coronavirus domestic violence pandemic law

Lifting the veil of shadow pandemic

From womb till coffin women are prone to act of violence. Violence against women begins with a sex-selective abortion caused by the son-preference attitude...
Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

WHO holds its annual meeting with criticism for its management of the pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO), criticized by countries such as the US for its alleged support for China in the current health crisis, opens...