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Wagner is at the gates of Mali.. France has the option of withdrawing or extending stay

Wagner is at the gates of Mali.. France has the option of withdrawing or...

Paris threatens to withdraw its forces and units of its European and African allies from Mali. The Central African Republic scenario is repeated in...

“Replacing” America with China and Russia in the Middle East… Experts rule out the...

There has long been debate among policy analysts about the possibility of a US withdrawal from the Middle East under new strategic priorities. Questions were...

Russia strengthens base in Tajikistan with anti-tank missiles

Russia continues to strengthen its 201st military base stationed in Tajikistan. A batch of modern anti-tank missile systems "Kornet" entered its armament. This was...

Alarming: Lukashenko promised to deploy “the entire Russian army” in Belarus

The head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, promised to deploy the Russian army in the country if the need arises. The corresponding statement was made...

Washington bombs a crowded truck on the border between Iraq and Syria

An American raid targeted a truck belonging to the Popular Mobilization Militia in Iraq, at dawn on Sunday, at the town of Al-Suway'iyah in...
Egypt opens a naval military base adjacent to Libya

Egypt opens a naval military base adjacent to Libya

On Saturday, Egypt announced the opening of a naval military base called "New July 3" in the northwest of the country. According to Egypt's state...

The military successes of the Taliban in Afghanistan against American forces

The Taliban continues to seize more and more of the territory of Afghanistan. In the Jari region, 300 servicemen immediately surrendered to the Taliban...

Missiles fall near an American base at Baghdad International Airport

Iraqi security sources told The Eastern Herald that three Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport from the southern side. The sources...
Russian army in the Arctic - CNN

CNN: The accumulation of the Russian army in the Arctic

Russia is accumulating an unprecedented military force in the North Pole and testing the latest weapons in an attempt to secure its north coast...
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Syrian Drones and MLRS destroy the Russian base “Khmeimim”

The Russian military on Friday, August 7, announced the attempts of Syrian militias to attack the military base "Khmeimim". The Ministry of Defense also...

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