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Borat 2, the movie that maybe we need right now

As an artist of improvisation, performance, and an awkward kind of humor that isn't for everyone, Borat –The unexpected hit of 2006 that changed...
Indian tradition home and family

The Facade of Modern Progressive Urban India still stuck in the Past

If a person were to walk into an average household in an apartment or a villa in a city in India, they would possibly...
Kazi Nazrul Islam

Opinion: Kazi Nazrul Islam, his Political Ideology, Activism and Literature

The Indian Freedom Struggle was a time of glorious achievements. It produced luminaries in the field of peace like Mahatma Gandhi and the war...
Draupadi Cheerharan in Mahabharata

After effects of folkloric society

Ancient scriptures written thousands of years ago show relevancy in our lives although it is on us how we perceive and pass it on...

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