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Biden: Hurricane “Ida” is life-threatening, the US Government is preparing for the worst

More than 300,000 people were left without electricity after Hurricane "Ida" of the fourth category reached Louisiana, writes Sky News. Described as an "extremely dangerous"...
The best things to do when you’re in Memphis

The best things to do when you’re in Memphis

If you’re tired of being quarantined at home and want to travel and explore now, we hear you! in case you’re planning a trip...
Tornado in USA : "Terrible, Destructive Power"

Tornado in USA : “Terrible, Destructive Power”

Washington / Jackson: Numerous Easter tornadoes in the south of the U.S. have claimed at least 32 lives, according to media reports. Violent thunderstorms,...
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Blasphemy case in Pakistan exposes Islamist free speech hypocrisy

Steven Emerson Their countries wanted them dead because of their ideas. You’ve probably heard of one – Jamal Khashoggi. His 2018 murder inside a Saudi Arabian...

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