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Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

WHO holds its annual meeting with criticism for its management of the pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO), criticized by countries such as the US for its alleged support for China in the current health crisis, opens...

Liverpool in the corona crisis: moral debate instead of title celebration

London - The opinion of the fans apparently still has weight at Liverpool FC. After violent headwinds, club boss Peter Moore does not want...

Chinese city of Wuhan reopened

Wuhan (TEH) - More than two and a half months after the closure of the Chinese metropolis of eleven million Wuhan, the place of...

Protective masks for market feeders from Worms

WORMS - Protective masks are currently urgently needed not only in clinics and care facilities. Professional groups who cannot completely avoid contact with...

Liverpool FC does not send employees on forced leave

Liverpool » Liverpool FC has revised its decision and does not send numerous employees on forced leave during the coronavirus crisis. The Chairman Peter...

Does a mask requirement make sense? – Mannheim

If it is right to cough in the crook of the arm, then it cannot be wrong to breathe in the mouthguard. And take...

Will the mask soon be mandatory for everyone?

Mannheim. Austria introduces a mandatory mask when shopping. What do masks bring and do we have to expect such a duty in the future?...

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