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Will France compensate the Algerians for the grave damage that continues to this day...

The effects of the secret nuclear tests that France conducted in Algeria for more than 60 years are still present in the lives of...
Warning: Typhoon Haishen is approaches Japan

Typhoon Haishen hits Japan badly, loss of Billions of Dollars

Six prefectures in southwestern Japan, which means more than 1.6 million people, are urgently evacuated due to Typhoon Haishen, reports The Eastern Herald. As of...
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Anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack in history: 140,000 people killed

The big bell rang on Thursday morning in Hiroshima on the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack in history, at the beginning...
The faces of selfishness

The faces of selfishness

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, as you like to call it, still means an attack on life, with greater extension and precision, where life is...

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