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Trump spoke about the violence in the Capitol but 'impeachment'

Trump condemns the violence in the Capitol, and not a word about IMPEACHMENT

Donald Trump delivered a video message after the US House of Representatives voted to impeach him. Interestingly, in his address, he did not comment...
Beijing wants to restore "justice" after a "century of humiliation."

Beijing wants to restore “justice” after a “century of humiliation.”

Recently, it is customary to talk about China either well or not at all. “China is angry. If you make China an enemy, China...
Prison for Trump and the split. What is happening in the US and why the EU fears a "storming of the Capitol"

Prison for Trump and the split. What is happening in the US and why...

America continues to seethe after the storming of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump. Although less than two weeks are left before Joe Biden's...
Four dead and Trump resigns with his staff

Four dead, Trump’s men resign

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that Congress will continue the process of confirming the election results, which was violently interrupted by the incursion...
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Several tens of thousands of people took part in the rally in Yerevan

On Saturday, an opposition rally took place in Yerevan, Armenia, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Interfax reports. Several tens of thousands...
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Joe Biden assures that the United States “is ready to lead in the world”

President-elect Joe Biden said the United States will be "ready to lead" in the world again when he succeeds President Donald Trump in January...
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Trump wants to make it impossible for Biden to change China policy

US President Donald Trump has attempted to take a series of tough measures over the past 10 weeks to “cement his legacy” in the...
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Will Biden avoid escalating Cold War between US and China – Bloomberg

Since last year, there have been thoughts that China and the United States have already started a Cold War. American President Donald Trump was...
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US Elections – Who Will Run US Diplomacy Under the Biden Administration

US President-elect Joe Biden began the transition and process of forming a new administration... The American newspaper The News York Times has named three...
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Trump may reveal US National Secrets after Presidential Election

As president, Donald Trump has selectively disclosed highly classified information in a battle against his political opponents. He tried to gain political advantage and...